A Group Discussion of Hugo's Classic Story

At least 5 members of St. James Church will be taking part in Moco's production of Les Miserables this spring. This is a very powerful play based on Victo Hugo's classic novel, full of complex theological and political themes. 

So, at St. James we'll be taking this as an opportunity to have a few 'Les Mis' related events, including a May 12 discussion (over breakfast) of the highly relevant issues addressed in the novel and play, attending the play itself on May 18 or 19, and then hopefully on May 27, having a panel of the local teen actors sharing with us how performing in this profound production affected them. 

So hey, it's only January - Why are we telling you about this now? Well, knowing more about the book and the history behind it will greatly increase your enjoyment of the play, and if you've never read the classic novel by Victor Hugo and would like to, you might want to get started - it's a long book!  You might also rent the most recent version of the film and watch it before our discussion. A lively discussion is sure to ensue, since Victor Hugo had so many amazing things to say.  

Mark your calendars to attend the play on May 18 at 7pm or May 19 at 2pm at the Redfern Arts Center at Keene State. We'll let everyone know when tickets go on sale.