Come enjoy the beauty of creation with a group of others at Chesterfield Gorge State Park on Saturday, September 18 from 10-noon. We will start at the public parking lot and walk down and back up the gorge loop with stops for prayer, readings, nourishment and quiet. Personal reflection time will be included, as well as time to connect with others. Bring a journal or sketch pad if you’d like. All are welcome.

This is a weather permitting event and includes walking up and down hills and over uneven terrain. It will be rescheduled in the case of rain.

The great Irish teacher John Scotus Eriugena taught that God speaks to us through two books. One is the little book, he says, the book of scripture, physically little. The other is the big book, the book of creation, vast as the universe. Just as God speaks to us through the words of scripture, so God speaks to us through the elements of creation. The cosmos is like a living sacred text that we can learn to read and interpret. Just as we prayerfully ponder the words of the Bible in Christian practice, and as other traditions study their sacred texts, so we are invited to listen to the life of creation as an ongoing, living utterance of God.
-Karin Baard