Our stewardship drive this year is very short and very focussed. In fact, just when you think it’s only getting started, Consecration will already be here! Rather than talking about church budgets, this year we are focussing on our spiritual need to give to God in gratitude for all the gifts we’re continually being given. One of those gifts is certainly the parish of St. James. Our faith calls us to practice loving God and neighbor, and St. James is a special community that helps us learn, practice and deepen our ability to do that. We’ve put aside Consecration Sunday as a special day to celebrate the place St. James has in our lives, and to celebrate our collective commitment to St James into the future.

So please come together to give thanks to God and to celebrate our life together on Sunday, November 4, at a single 9am service.

Our special day will feature the St. James orchestra, as well as a joyful baptism! We’ll also sing, pray and get some inspiration from Phil Suter, the senior warden at All Saints in Peterborough who is our Consecration Sunday guest leader this year. Each of us will get the chance to offer our financial commitment to St. James for 2019 as a part of the service, and at the end, we’ll follow the cross outside for a brief All Saints/All Souls commemoration in the memorial garden to remember our lost loved ones, remembering especially all the members of St. James that went before us, whose gratitude and giving in the past has passed on to us so many gifts in our continuing life as a parish. Then, we’ll finish up by having a delicious brunch together in the Undercroft downstairs. The meal is catered so that none of us will have to worry about serving or cleaning instead of enjoying the wonderful fellowship among us as a parish - we want everyone to be able to celebrate together.

We are asking everyone to please RSVP for the brunch.

Whether you can or cannot make it to our special morning of festivities, please take a moment right now to email Kerry with a “Yes I/we will be there” or a “No, so sorry I’m/we’re going to miss it!”