The holiest week of the year is coming right up, and you’re invited to take part in the journey through Holy Week.

Palm Sunday    April 9    

At both 8:00 am and 10:00 am.  The later service will include an outdoor procession with palms, weather permitting

Maundy Thursday Liturgy    April 13  

Footwashing service in the church, 6:00 pm.  Followed by a simple pot-luck Agape Meal with communion downstairs, concluding with the stripping of the altar back up in the church.  

Good Friday     April 14     

Intercessory Prayer Service at noon, church open for prayer throughout the day

The Good Friday Liturgy at 7:00 pm, which includes communion from reserved sacrament.

Easter - Liturgies of the Resurrection

The Great Vigil     Saturday, April 15, 9:00 pm

Easter Morning   Sunday, April 16, 8:00 and 10:00 am followed by a festive potluck Easter coffee hour

The drama of Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday, April 9, when the accolades given to Jesus on his entry into Jerusalem soon turn to the pain of the passion.  We listen to the passion story on Palm Sunday in preparation of the week to come.  We'll have a quiet Palm Sunday service at 8:00.  The later service begins on the front lawn of the church with a procession of the palms around Central Square (weather permitting - we'll meet downstairs in the undercroft if it is raining)  The saints will go marching out with their palms, complete with dixieland music to accompany the procession, which is followed by the liturgy of the passion back in the church.  Those who prefer not to process are welcome to stay at church and wait for the procession to return.

On Thursday, we remember the Last Supper, at which Jesus charged his disciples to serve and love one another.  We'll begin the evening at 6 pm in the church for the annual footwashing, then we'll go downstairs for an agape meal during which we'll share communion, then we will return to the church to strip the altar in preparation for Good Friday.  Please bring some food to share (Mediterranean fare like cheese, bread, hummus, vegetables, fruit or other simple foods are encouraged) and put it down in the kitchen before the foot washing.  After dinner, we return to the church for the stripping of the altar for Good Friday, when together we remove all ornament from the church.

On Good Friday, the church will be open for quiet prayer as we wait with Christ as they did long ago in the garden.  If you would like to pray with others, we will gather at noon for a time of intercessory prayer in the choir of the church.  Please bring along the names of the individuals or groups you'd like to include in the prayers.  The prayer service will include a guided relaxation and silence, along with spoken prayers.

The solemn Good Friday liturgy will take place at 7 pm in the church.  People are requested to arrive in silence and leave in silence.
Easter arrives on Saturday night, at the Great Vigil of Easter - the holiest night of the year.  The service begins in the dark, then a fire is kindled on the front lawn of the church and the light of Christ is symbolically brought into the darkened church.  The story of God through history is retold and then the arrival of Easter is welcomed with bells and festive song.

On Easter Sunday morning, at both 8 and 10 am, we celebrate with a festive and musical Eucharist.  The later service will be followed by a special coffee hour - please bring a favorite pastry or brunch item to share.