Our Shrove Tuesday gathering takes place on Tuesday, Feb 13th

Perhaps you have enjoyed Shrove Tuesday Pancake Suppers in the past - a long tradition meant to use up all the butter, cream and sugar in the house before Lent begins.  Well, at St. James we mix that up a bit - because we don't want anyone to have to make all those pancakes!  This year, we invite you to come to church after dinner, bringing your favorite decadent dessert to share at a Shrove Tuesday Dessert Night to celebrate the end of Epiphany.  We will go back to having a full pig-out potluck next year, but this year, the vestry is meeting with the bishop at 6pm.  We'd like to have time with him and then offer him some wonderful dessert and fellowship!  So please come at 7:30 with something gooey, sweet, and wonderful to share.

We'll conclude the evening at 8:15 with a short "burning bowl" ceremony so we can each symbolically let go of something before we start the more introspective and self aware church season of Lent.