Men Who Cook

Meeting Times: First Sunday of the month except during the summer, and when St. James hosts the 100 Nights Shelter dinners

Contact: Bob Walsh 

What We Do: The “MenWhoCook” group was established as a ministry to encourage fellowship among men at St. James who share an interest in cooking. And in turn, we offer an opportunity for the St. James community to socialize before or after services while sharing a common table. Since the establishment of our neighbor, Hundred Nights Shelter, we expanded our mission to provide nourishing, hot meals to their guests at dinnertime several times a year. 

For a free-will donation, we prepare breakfast items and serve them buffet style in the St. James Undercroft between services the first Sunday of the month from October through June. We use the donations to offset the cost of food and cooking supplies rather than tapping into church resources. No Adult Forums are held on these Sundays. 

We welcome any interested participants into our ministry – new faces and familiar ones, the young and “perfectly-seasoned” men and women! Suggestions are welcome on how we can expand this ministry to serve our parish or the community at large.

For more information contact Bob Walsh,

Prayer Shawl

Meeting Times: Meets the Second and Fourth Mondays at 3:00 pm. 

Contact: Charlotte Cross

What We Do: The prayer shawl ministry began two years ago and so far has produced over 80 prayer shawls. Of thatover half have been given to people who are ill, grieving, welcoming a new baby, and for many other reasons. They are not just used while prayingTheir purpose is to bring comfort to people who need it. They provide a ” hug” for someone, anytime.  

We have six members and always welcome new ones. 

For more information, contact Charlotte Cross,

Pastoral Care Ministry

Meeting Times: When scheduled. 

Contact: Maria Temple

What We Do: The purpose of this ministry at St. James Episcopal Church is to stay connected with those who cannot be present with us for worship and other activities. This is done in a variety of ways according to the wishes of the parishioner. 

Visiting: We visit the parishioner in his/her home and telephone them on a regular basis. 

Music: We offer to make music as a comforting and healing ministry to those at home, in the hospital or nursing home.  Two or three St. James musicians will sing favorite hymns, accompanied by keyboard. 

Eucharist: We bring the Eucharist to those who desire it.  Currently, there is a team of three Eucharistic Ministers (EMs) who are under the direction of the Rector. 

Cards and notes: We have made new all-purpose cards from Ben Miller’s pen and ink drawing of St. James. We send those out as needed to those who are sick, grieving over a loss and other occasions, joyful as well. 

Prayer list: We do a 6-8 week telephoning of all on our prayer list to see how they are doing and what is needed. This update keeps us abreast of what is going on and is often shared with the congregation when appropriate and desired by the parishioner. 

Education: For the past three years (2012-2015), we have used the Sunday close to St. Luke's feast day in October to highlight pastoral care concerns.  For example, in 2015, three of our members used the sermon time to speak about their ministries. 

This is a ministry that requires confidentiality, commitment, and sensitivity as well as training in Safe Church

If you want to be visited or want to become a pastoral minister, please contact the St. James office, (603) 352-1019 or

Welcoming Ministry

Meeting Times: As needed on Sundays after the 10:00 am service and via email. 

ContactRich Kalich 

What We Do: The Welcoming Ministry endeavors to establish a welcoming and accepting environment for visitors to St. James. This Ministry is the primary resource for responding appropriately to visitors and answering questions that they might have about the Episcopal faith and/or the St. James congregation.  

The Welcoming Ministry encourages visitor registration with registration books located at all main entrances or via a visitor card in the pew.  The Ministry also provides worship guidance, facilitates introductions between visitors and the persons responsible for their interest area, and guides interested individuals to Christian baptism and church membership.  And, of course, we celebrate new members joining our faith. 

For more information contact Rich Kalich,

Worship Ministry

Meeting Times: Fourth Sunday of the Month after the 10 am service.

Contact: Caroline Hines, Interim Rector

What We Do: The Worship Ministry, chaired by the Rector, advises on matters concerning the content and flow of the worship service and its liturgy. It is composed of members from the various Ministries involved in the service (Eucharistic Ministers, Altar Guild, Ushers, Acolytes), as well as the Music Director and some at-large members. 

The Worship Ministry’s goals are to develop a coherent vision for the worship life of St. James; to coordinate the various aspects of worship; to serve as a means of feedback from the congregation; and to assist in educating the congregation about worship.

Those interested in being part of this ministry are invited to speak with the Rector. Contact Caroline Hines,

Historical Commission

Meeting Times: As needed. 

Contact: TBD

What We Do: Beginning in the late 1800s the people of St. James started to place newspaper articles, awards and activities that involved the congregation in scrapbooks. The project was put aside in1984 and has recently been revived. The commission team has been sorting and cataloging boxes of documents so that they can be added to the scrapbook project and be scanned into the computer for easy access. We are also in the process of putting together a movable wall display on the wall facing the Undercroft. 

This is a very satisfying endeavor, especially when you have generations of family as members of the church. 

For more information, contact the office, (603) 352-1019

Fellowship Hour

Meeting Times: N/A 

Contact: Cindy Morton 

What We Do: Fellowship Hour is a gathering of church members after the 10:00 am service in the Common Room behind the Sanctuary to mingle and talk. It is also an opportunity to welcome newcomers. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and eat some of the yummy food the hosts have provided. 

I contact long-term and short-term members of St. James to see if they would like to be a host. Coffee and juice are provided, all you have to bring are the munchies. Most hosts set up the food before the service and leave after communion to welcome the parishioners.

For more information contact Cindy Morton, (603) 585-5011

Counting Ministry

Meeting Times: Tuesday mornings.

Contact: Richard “Dick” Doble 

What We Do: The counters are a committee of four who meet once a week to tally up the offering from the previous week’s services. They have a well-documented, transparent process that has been working well. After the count is made, a report is delivered to the pledge treasurer and the deposit slip to the church treasurer. 

For more information contact Richard “Dick” Doble,