Pentecost is on May 20th this year.  It is the Sunday when we move to one service at 9am, which will continue through the summer until Labor Day weekend.  Pentecost is quite early this year, so we'll have a few extra weeks to enjoy being all together.  The tradition on Pentecost Sunday is to wear red, so search your closet (or go to the thrift shop) and find something red to wear in honor of the Holy Spirit.  

Can you read a foreign language?

If you are conversant with any foreign language enough to read it aloud (you don't necessarily have to understand it all, just be able to pronounce it) please contact Elsa.  She will send you a passage in that language and some instructions to be a part of our Pentecost cacophony.  No one will be reading alone, so don't be shy.  You'll all be reading at the same time like a chorus.  So far we only have a few people - the more the better, so please sign up if you can.