From Our Deacon in Training

Derek with Richard Morrisroe, who was in Alabama with Jonathan Daniels

Derek with Richard Morrisroe, who was in Alabama with Jonathan Daniels

It was not too long ago that I was searching for a place to call my spiritual home. Seeking to practice and live my faith with others as we challenge, sustain and grow with one another.  Then I found St. James Church.  It was the feast of Jonathan Daniels that you first welcomed me. Since then, more than six years ago, you have never let go of me and my family.

You have walked with Alison and me throughout her pregnancy. You celebrated the birth and baptism of our dear daughter, Natalie. Since then I have gotten to know many of you through the social justice ministry and serving as your usher at 8 a.m. service.  You allowed me the great joy of bringing some of our youth to Alabama as they found purpose and inspiration through the pilgrimage.  For all of this I am deeply thankful.

Many of you are aware that I have been in the process throughout the past year and half to become a deacon within the Episcopal Church.  I have for some time felt a calling to further my ministry work to share the Good News.  Like you, I believe that the message offers hope and new possibilities to all.  I believe the church can be a source of creativity, renewal and promise. This I believe is our call to take our faith out of the church and be with all in our communities. Recently I have been speaking with my students about how to reconnect and heal our world.  Through dialogue and silence we reflected upon the responsibilities we have to stand with those that have been marginalized, walk with those that are afraid, and embrace those that we are told to fear. As I follow God’s calling, I attempt to live in accordance of our worship; to welcome all and accept them as part of my life and tradition.

I look forward to navigating this new aspect of my life with you. I ask for your prayers to help me throughout this process.  I am grateful to live within a community of love that provides endless opportunities to grow in faith with one another.

With Peace,