Surely, this commandment that I am commanding you today is not too hard for you, nor is it too far away… No, the word is very near to you; it is in your mouth and in your heart for you to observe.

- Deuteronomy 30:11,14

Sometimes it’s easy to assume that that you don’t really have what it takes to step up in your faith. I mean, you’re no saint, right? And besides, others seem to have so much more energy, more time, more vision than you do - or more understanding of theological things. So you just do your best to be a good person. But a truly faithful person? Um, well, maybe…?

Moses knew that was how the Israelites felt. They were well aware that they’d been griping a little too hard in the desert, following other idols too often, and generally falling short of God’s expectations. But Moses understood the nature of the human condition. He knew all too well that we all fall short of the glory of God.

So Moses assured the people that God’s commandments are not as hard as they might think - and that they were not too far away, either - that they’re not far away in heaven or far across a sea. He reminded them that they don’t need any special skills or understanding to access the knowledge of God or of God’s commandments. “No,” he said, “The word of God, he said, is already very near you. It’s already in your mouth and in your heart.” So don’t turn away from God in shame or make any more excuses. Just be the person God made you to be. Open your heart to listen for God, who is already working in and through you.

Then walk the walk.

This Sunday our readings invite us to think about the ways our faith informs not just our thoughts or opinions - but our actions day to day. How do our day to day lives reflect our creator? How do our lives follow in the footsteps of Jesus? How do we give our days over to the promptings of the Spirit?

The readings for this Sunday are HERE. Note that during Ordinary Time, we are using “Track 2”