The back storage room of the undercroft is full of all kinds of STUFF.  There are craft materials, furniture, Sunday school supplies and a variety of miscellaneous items in no apparent order.  We’d like to organize this room to be a multipurpose storage area, so want to get it cleaned out and organized.

Elsa, Ruth and Vanya are inviting you to a Storage Room Party at 12:30 on Monday, Sept 17.  We’ll have pizza for lunch, and then will commence to create piles of things to keep, things to sell at the thrift shop and things to throw away.  With many hands it’ll be light work to get each pile where it needs to go.  Then with Vanya’s super organizational mind, we will put what we’re keeping back in again in a better way.

If you can help and want to join in the fun, please contact Patrick in the office to let us know so that we’ll have enough pizza for you.