Story Chapel - a Liturgy for All Ages

Explore Faith Together in 2017 at St. James Church

Do you want to provide your children with a way to learn about God and faith, but don’t quite know where to start?  St. James is embarking on a new way to help families grow in faith through our new intergenerational Story Chapel, which supports parents in teaching their children about faith and spirituality in the progressive Christian tradition.  Rather than segregating children into separate Sunday School classes while parents go to church, everyone is invited to come to church and grow in faith together.  

St. James has three special child-friendly spaces for families where kids can feel at home during the service.  And when it is time for the quieter parts of the service, those who might enjoy a more story oriented approach are welcome to follow the cross into the Common room for Story Chapel. People of all ages are welcome in Story Chapel, where the readings, sermon (story) and prayers are presented in a more relaxed format. Story Chapel would be a wonderful place for families to worship together, or a friendly place for older children to attend worship without their folks, and people of any age will be welcome. After Story Chapel, the entire community gathers back together again to share in communion in the church.  

A religious community offers support, friendship and spiritual practice for people of all ages.  Through worship and Story Chapel, children and parents alike will get the chance to grow in faith while sharing in worship, making friends, and discovering how God is calling us to make a difference in our hurting world.  The Episcopal church is a deep rooted place that values ancient traditions, but where our attitudes are not set in stone.

Please click HERE to read a special message for children and families.