Share Supper with the Extended Family - Beginning October 15

Remember those old fashioned Sunday dinners when the whole family spent some quality time together around the table?  Or do you wish you did?  A group of St. James folks, some with kids, are planning to try on a new 'Dinner Church' idea at St. James and see how it goes. We're calling it the "Extended Family Table' and kids are welcome, grammies and grampas are welcome, and so is anyone in between.  You're welcome to invite your friends - or even to bring your own extended families along with you.  

Unlike those old fashioned Sunday dinners, there won't be just one or two ladies out in the kitchen slaving over the hot stove for the rest of us. We're all going to pitch in and enjoy creating a very simple meal together.  So please arrive at St. James promptly at 5pm if you can.  Some of the group will get right to work getting the pasta water boiling and preparing the salad and garlic bread, while others will pull out and set the tables. We envision kids and adults sharing in these preparations, just as they would at grandma's house.  

When the meal is prepared and ready, we'll choose someone to light the dinner candles and then we'll sing our special Extended Family Table grace before taking our seats.  Then we'll sit down and say a blessing over the loaf of garlic bread, break it, and pass it around the table, reminding each other as we each take a piece to always share the bread of heaven.

Following the meal, we'll have a neat and easy dessert of ice cream bars or sandwiches, and then the kids can go hang out with each other, if they'd like, in one of three side rooms set up with various kid friendly activities (We've got a toddler room, a lego room and a couch room specifically for teenagers planned,) while older folks relax together over their tea and coffee.  Finally, at about 6:40, we'll clean everything up together (many hands make light work) and we'll be ready to head home all fed and happy at 7, which is a great school night bedtime. 

We hope the Extended Family Table will be a way to set your week off on the right foot, to meet some new friends and to relax and break bread with people you will come to know and love. Help us create this new weekly intergenerational ritual at St. James by joining us some Sunday soon.  No need to RSVP!  

If you have questions, please contact Steve Power.