Body Prayer

Sunday, Sept 29

bring your bag lunch for 11:30, program begins at noon.

Our ways of prayer group met last spring to explore different spiritual practices such as Holy Reading and Centering Prayer, and this fall we'd like to continue exploring.

Join us for our next meeting on Sunday Sept 29 after the second service to learn about Body Prayer. We’ll explore praying with our whole bodies - standing still, kneeling, or moving. In prayer we use our feet to walk to the table, our hands to receive, and our hearts to embrace the possibilities. Come and spend a short hour learning and exploring body communication and the use of the body in prayer.

We gather in the conference room with bag lunches at about 11:30 and the program begins at noon. Are you thinking about deepening your prayer life and your relationship with God? A group at St. James is planning to get together periodically to explore different ways of prayer and support one another on the way. If you’re interested in being a part of this group, we meet periodically over bag lunch. Contact Elsa if you have questions or would like to join in.