Did you know that in the Bible, the word 'believe' appears 273 times, 'pray' appears 371 times and 'love' appears 714 times.  The word 'give' appears 2172 times.  A faithful life has a lot to do with giving - giving ourselves to God and one another with our time, our gifts, our energy, our priorities.  Financial giving is an important and realistic part of having a common life, and we hope all our members will feel called to make giving to St. James part of their own financial priorities.

Each fall, parishioners are given the opportunity to make a financial pledge to the church for the upcoming year.  If you're interested in making a pledge, please contact Kerry Ford.  Pledges can be fulfilled by check or cash on Sunday mornings, through your online banking service or online here.

Thank you so much for being an important part of our open-hearted, open-minded ministry.

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