Lenten Explorations this Year

The Good Book Club

Beginning on Sunday, Feb 11, come together with others to explore the Gospel of Luke during the season of Lent.  Just like a book club, we'll read part of the story and then come together to discuss it each Sunday at 3pm at the Rectory on School Street.  If there is interest in continuing, we'll move on to the book of Acts in the season of Easter through the day of Pentecost.  Come share a cup of tea or coffee and take part in a really Good Book Club.  The group will be facilitated by Elsa Worth and Derek Scalia.


meeting Jesus in john.png

Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John

For those who'd like to follow along with the annual SSJE video series during Lent, this year the brothers are offering "Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John"  To take part, simply click here to visit the website, and sign up for the daily videos to come to your email inbox.  Each short video by one of the SSJE brothers will give you a nourishing word for the day.  Follow along in the booklet that the brothers have prepared.  We have these booklets available at church and you can pick one up anytime from the office.