Lenten Explorations at St. James This Year

The 5 Marks of Love

Sign up for a daily short video and thought provoking question from the brothers of the Society of St. John the Evangelist, who will lead us this year on a program called the 5 Marks of Love.  This six-week series offers an opportunity to observe and reflect on ways in which Christ’s love expresses itself in and through us; in our lives, in our faith communities and in the world around us.

Anyone can follow along with this Lenten program individually, but if you’d also like to explore it more deeply with others, plan to meet in the Common Room between the services for six Sundays beginning on Sunday, Feb 26, when hard copies of the booklet will be made available to those who’d like to participate.  The group will meet in the undercroft each Sunday from 9 - 9:45 AM Feb 26 through April 2, and will be facilitated by Elizabeth Hart and Elsa Worth. (on breakfast Sundays we'll either claim a table in the back or find another place to meet - look for us!)

Lenten Book Group - The New Jim Crow

Gather with others for a book group discussion of Michelle Alexander’s powerful book, “The New Jim Crow.”  This book explores the continuing legacy of racism in our nation and will help us consider how we may be called to carry on Jonathan’s Daniels work in our own time. The book has six chapters, and we will discuss one of them at each gathering.  The group will meet from 12-1:30 on the six Saturdays of Lent at Panera Bread, 294 West Street in Keene.  If you’d like to get yourself a coffee or some lunch to enjoy during the meeting, please arrive early so that we can begin our conversation at noon.  The first meeting will be on Saturday, March 4 and the final meeting is on April 8.  The group will be facilitated by Derek Scalia and Elsa Worth.

***UPDATE*** Panera is sometimes far to busy to get a large table at noon, we've discovered.  On March 18, we'll meet there one more time and if it is too crowded, we'll moved down to Elsa's office at the church, and discuss if we'd like to keep meeting at the church or change the meeting to 10am, when Panera is quieter.